I was raised in the steel-making city of Sheffield and I know that the environment there fostered my passion for working with red hot metal.

My apprenticeship as a marine engineer gave me an understanding of the processes involved in the shaping of metal and kindled my awareness of the great potential there is to produce works of art using methods usually associated with manufacture.

In the late 1960s and early 1970s there were few places where blacksmithing was taught, so using what I had learnt in my apprenticeship and what I remembered from my childhood, I set about teaching myself the craft of the blacksmith. Only after I was satisfied that my skills were sufficient did I at last embark on my true passion, the making of sculpture in metal.

Direct metal sculpture puts me as the artist in complete charge of every step of the making. Each piece is entirely my own work and I have the satisfaction of knowing that my work is given its individuality because I make every part.  This means every sculpture is utterly unique, making an identical duplicate impossible.

I have always been interested in the stylised art forms seen in Egyptian art and the medium of hot forging iron lends itself to this form.

I have been selling my work since 1980 and have had exhibitions in Britain and Germany.

Prices for my work can be obtained on request.

6 Responses to Sculptor

  1. Wow – didn’t know you did this too. Beautiful work!

    • david says:

      Sorry to take so long to reply but there has been a big problem with this site, now sorted at last. Thank you for your kind words but tell me how you know me. Ism terrible with names. David

  2. Chris Legg says:

    Hi David. Like the work, especially the effect on the outside of the Viking Pharaoh. Would you like to teach an ex-pupil some of your art??

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