Vulcanus Publishing

The Forge of Vulcan by Diego Velasquez, 1630 (Museo del Prado, Madrid).

The Forge of Vulcan by Diego Velasquez, 1630, (Museo del Prado, Madrid).

The idea of creating a new imprint specifically aimed at publishing new work in the subject of experimental archaeology came to fruition from my own experience of finding a publisher who was both supportive and willing to publish my research – an obstacle faced by many researchers and authors today.

As a result I became my own publisher not too dissimilar to many authors who are already using the power and accessibility of the internet and digital technology in the shape of e-books to disseminate their work and writing.

Having successfully engineered the publication of some of my own ongoing research the next step is to offer publishing possibilities via the imprint to three types of author in particular:

1) Emeritus researchers – those who have had long and distinguished careers in academia who wish to publish their research post-retirement;

2) post-doctoral and early career researchers who are looking to publish ongoing and new research;

3) experimental archaeologists who are researching outside of academia.

There is also the possibility of extending the scope of the imprint to include other subject areas of archaeology.

If you fall into any one of the identified groups above and would like to contact me in confidence with your publishing idea/proposal please email in the first instance