My History

Reconstruction of a 2 libra Ballista

Reconstruction of a 2 libra Ballista.

I started my working life as a marine engineer. Then as a designer of machines, before becoming a teacher. Finally, at the age of 40 I took my PhD. This of course changed my life and I can say with all the ups and downs it has never been dull.

I enjoy lecturing but on a personal note the best part is the session at the end when people come up to me to talk and handle the objects I use in my lectures.

The informality of the occasion is often the best time for the formulation of new ideas and thinking, and also when new alliances are created.

I have had several people to whom I have taught forge work and metal work and the transmission of skills and knowledge that I have acquired to others is always a pleasure.

Working as an experimental archaeologist has taken me down paths and to places I never knew existed.

I have met fascinating people and become friends with many of them.

I hope that my website gives you a glimpse into my world and that you enjoy what you see.


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