I was raised in Sheffield when it was at the height of its prosperity. The sight of hot iron being worked has always fascinated me and I can still remember the awe and terror I felt when I visited a steel works for the first time. The huge crucibles full of liquid steel left an impression that has lasted to this day.

I know I did my first piece of hot forge work when I was seven and have been doing it ever since.

Fire welding

Fire welding.

Every new job is a challenge because hot iron has a will of its own as does the blacksmith’s fire. You treat both with respect because if you don’t they burn you as a reminder that they let you use them as a privilege not a right.

I use the skills I have learned to make every thing from fire dogs to sculpture.

I now use those skills to make copies of ancient artefacts.

4 Responses to Blacksmith

  1. Jon Cooper-Wiele says:

    It appears you don’t sell your work. However, I wondered if you would reproduce a 1st c. Roman army hammer or suggest someone who might. Thanks much. Jon

  2. Eliz B says:

    Your photo of the scale-coat (v. beautiful it is too) makes it look like it is made from leather, not scale plate metal. How have you coloured the metal?

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